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Areas of Specialization: 

  • Weight Management
  • Boxing Coaching
  • Strength & Conditioning Programmes for sport
  • Special Event Training (Tough Mudder, Marathon etc)

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Clients Say

Love the new website. I’m impressed with the awesome amount of hard workers that Team Apache has produced in the past six years, well that’s only since I’ve been there. Going from practices where there were only twenty kids there, to my last one with the most alloted by the fire code, just proves how this club has grown. It not only has grown, but it has improved the local wrestlers and eventually District One wresling.

Joe Coughlin

“Team Apache offers a great “off season” program for the young wrestler. The kids get to know wrestlers from neighboring programs and form relationships that go beyond the sport. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of wrestling, the program provides an environment that improves self-confidence, determination and discipline.”

Ken Hertzel

“Team Apache has the best kids in the area that are serious about wrestling. They are trying to perfect their wrestling skills…very intense, yet fun.”

Dave Schreiner